Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Catch Up

Whoa, I've left so many loose ends dangling on this blog that if it were knitting it would be a 1970's poncho.

1. Water. You may remember that someone stole my vasca water. I guessed that it would take two weeks to refill. Remember? Well, I was wrong, and I was right. It actually only took 4 days to refill. Cool! But then, 3 days later, same person emptied the it again. Darn.

2. Orto. Double darn about the empty vasca given that my orto now looks like this.

Yep -- zucchini, basil, cucumbers, eggplants, chili peppers, leeks, onions, beans, lettuce and chard! Obviously, I'm going to have to get a little more vocal with the neighbor who is hogging the water.

Is anyone wondering how I went from an orto like this...

to this?

Yeah, that's because a week ago I went up to the orto to do a little cleaning and to build my tomato trellace when I promptly had a total melt down. I just sat down in the dirt paralyzed and tramatized at the amount of land that I own and have totally been neglecting. After I watered the tomatoes with my tears, I pulled myself together, "Lynn, you are a strong, capable, young woman who has done many things more difficult in life than managing a little bit of land. AND, that land isn't going to clean itself so, stop crying, grab your tools and get to work!" And that's exactly what I did.

"Hello, Augusto?"

Yep, I did what all strong, capable (and intelligent) woman do...I hired someone who actually knows what they are doing.


  1. So wonderful that you have an Augusto to call on, Lynn. I could do with an Augusto or Marco over here. My garden is a jungle right now. All foliage, no fruit, no budding veggies ! Well, I do have some lettuce and mustard greens so all is not lost !

  2. Anonymous2:16 AM

    When in doubt... hire it out, eh?


  3. oneofthedanes8:48 AM

    Always thought of you as a smart gal. This year seems to be a rich year in harvesting. Do get control over the water though! You have more different vegetables than me! Who is gonna eat all that or did your dogs go vegetarian? Good luck with your orto.

  4. Anonymous12:50 PM

    God Bless Augusto! What a great guy to have living just down the hill!
    Maybe you and Augusto can keep the Chingalis out of the orto and Gianni out of the water!

    Call the Carbiniarri!!

    Wayne & Denise

  5. I need an Augusto!!

    I thought of you last night... We'd had a little gathering and ended up with some ladies (plus one little girl being very quiet, successfully letting the grown ups forget she was there!) pulling weeds and singing and laughing. A bottle of wine and several buckets of weeds later and I was thinking how "orto" my garden felt.

    Love to see your progress and am sending anti-water thieving energy your way.

  6. Christopher is always reminding me "it's all about using the right tool for the job". Sometimes the right tool is another person who has the right tools!