Saturday, August 13, 2011

So, one of the first things that our gardener helper did to organize our land was to move this lovely piece onto the land.

Lovely, no? Um. No.

Augusto told me that I need to have a cupboard up on the land to hold "all my tools". He said that I don't want to be carrying everything back and forth from our shed, which is by the house, up to the land every time I need to do work. Actually what he meant was that HE doesn't want to have to carry HIS tools back and forth. Since Augusto has started "helping" me tend to the land, the only tool that I've used have been my garden gloves for weeding.

Since I didn't take action, he did.

It was actually kind of a weird thing. David was home and, as he does when he's here, he took the first run of the day with the dogs up on the land. When I woke that morning I said to David, "whoa. I just had the weirdest dream. I dreamt that Augusto had moved a bunch of old school furniture up here and lined them up against the side of our house to hold tools." David stared at me. "What?" I said. He said, "have you been up to the terraces yet today?"

Sure enough, while I was sleeping in, Augusto had moved an old school locker up to the orto. Weird.

David is home again. This morning we were up on the land having a look around. He noticed some cucumbers that were getting a little big for the vine and went to pick them.

"You want a knife to cut them off?" I asked.

"You got one?"

(I don't know why we've started speaking in truncated sentences...I blame the whole second language acquisition thing).

"Sure! Right here in the locker."

David paused for a minute..."I think it's amazing that you have a locker mate called Augusto."

You think I can find some nice Teen Beat photos to hang in there, like of Andy Gibb, maybe?


  1. Sure, we all need a school locker right next to the garden. Actually, it's pretty clever. Maybe you could paint it to look like a giant cucumber!!!! ;)

  2. Love the idea of painting the locker. Green perhaps with some vines curling around it ? I hope it doesn't actually lock ? However if it does, I can just imagine the stories that could ensue from, "The Missing Key Incident" ! xx

  3. Another thought, Lynn. Perhaps you could turn your locker into a scarecrow of sorts ? Do you have crows in Northern Italy ? xx

  4. Lynn,

    You won my give away. Please send me an email at with your mailing address where you'd like the items sent.

    Congratulations and thanks!