Monday, August 29, 2011

another year older

So, I survived another birthday party.

I've mentioned before that, because of my awesome parents' child rearing, I have an "I can do anything" sort of view of life. Yeah, my parents instilled in me the attitude that if I really want to do something, of course I can do it. Whilst this belief has led to many super cool experiences like, for example moving to the top of a mountain in Italy with no job, no money and no clue, it is also to blame for many stellar decisions like taking up the viola at age 41.

I've come to realize that while it is true that if I want to do something I certainly can, it's also true that somethings just come a hell of a lot more easily than others. For example, picking up some needles and yarn and turning them into a sweater...EASY. Taking some glass beads and silver wire and turning them into a pair of problem.

Taking 35 italians, some food, wine and music and turning it into a party...well, that doesn't come so naturally for me. In fact, it makes me look like this

Despite my stress, the evening was a lovely celebration with very lovely friends.

Happy Birthday, Love...


  1. waynosd12:14 PM

    35 people in that little tiny house ? OMG Looks like a great
    gathering for a great cause.

    W&D TFC

  2. What great fun! Happy Birthday!!!!!

    Your give away prize went into the mail 8/25. I'll be happy to hear when it has safely made it to your mountain top. ;)

    Huge birthday hugs!


  3. What a fabulous party!
    YOU can do EVERYTHING!

  4. Happy birthday and it looked like a fanastic party. Did everyone make it down the hill safely? I think you made a wise decision, you only live once.