Monday, August 08, 2011

The Water War is over....

And the good guys won!!!!

Check this out

Look at all that beautiful water! So much water comes out now so fast that it takes me about a minute and a half to water the whole orto.

Not only do I have massive amounts of water coming to the terrace with the orto, but now I have water on EVERY terrace. Look

Incredible. Unbelievable, actually. I love my new water system. If I weren't so tall I'd start showering under those shiny new spigots. (Yes, at 5'3" I'm considered "tall" in this country...I love Italy).

So, what's the secret for winning a war...recruit a local professional soldier who speaks the language of the land.

About a week ago Augusto's frustration at people stealing water from me was about at its limit. I went up to water early one morning and I over heard this conversation between Augusto and a neighbor:

N: "She can't take that water!!!!"

A: "This water is overflowing the vasca and is being lost. There's plenty for you and for her. AND it's her land, so, yes, she can take it!"

N: "If she puts in tubes to take this water, I'll cut them!"

A: "NON HAI CAPITO UN CAZZO!!!!" (that means "you haven't understood anything!" but in not such a polite way) "She's going to use it for her orto. Have you SEEN her orto?"

N: "ah. Yes, there's probably enough for both of us. Ho capito."

Now, I have water. Water in the orto, water on the terraces, water in the house. War over...and it only took 8 years.


  1. I am so happy for you! Yes, it often takes a "representative" to negotiate for us. ;) It seems you found the right one!

  2. oneofthedanes8:33 AM

    Give my warm regards to Augusto. He is a good man. Congratulations to you for winning this crazy war, thanks to him.

  3. waynesd6:01 PM

    Yippee, Everyone needs fresh water in their life. Glad the war is over. Let's hope the peace lasts.

    Your Orto is going to go wild.

    I'll be David is proud.

    Wayne & Denise

  4. Yes, peace in our time. Glad to hear the war is over.

  5. That's great news, Lynn. What a lovely feeling it is, when people indignantly stand up for others !
    Bravo, Augusto!
    He deserves one of your knitted creations, doesn't he.