Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Table Forests

So when I was at my new friends' house in Monaco last week, I noticed an artful flower installation they had set up in their formal dining room. One couldn't help but notice it when entering the room. The gorgeous dining table was a veritable forest of individual orchid plants in white porcelain vases randomly covering the surface of the table. It made you want to be one inch tall so you could wander around in this white magical blooming woods.

I decided we needed a magic table-top forest in Maberga. I went to my florist (the terraces on the mountain) to see what was on offer. Today there was an abundance of sweet peas

Presenting the Maberga Dining Room Table Magic Forest

I'm sorry I don't have a photo of my friends' orchid forest...I thought about bringing the camera so I could share the experience with you all, but well, then I thought twice about it. Anyway, if I had made a photo of my friends' orchid forest you'd notice some differences. Namely:
1. their table is round, mine is rectangular
2. theirs seats 16, mine, 4
3. they had potted orchids, I picked, or rather plucked sweet peas
4. they had a collection of white porcelain vases, I'm using a lovely collection of former aperitif drink bottles

The resemblance between their table and mine?

When I walk into my kitchen now, I want to be one inch tall so I can wander in the Maberga Magic Table Forest.

Since I'm not one inch tall but I can knit...and hold a camera that would be way too heavy if I were one inch tall, I used my sweet pea forest to do a photo shoot of my newest knitting.

This is the Maaema Scarf

from my talented and creative blogger friend, Denise, at Lost City Knits. I'm knitting with cashmere in a raspberry wine color (does that color exist? I just made that up). The very user-friendly and totally satisfying pattern can be found here.

Thank you friends in Monaco for the table forest inspiration and many many thanks to Denise for the scarf pattern.


  1. Love the sweetpeas and your raspberry wine yarn is as sweet and beautiful as I image raspberry wine to be.

  2. Love your sweet pea forest ! Love your raspberry wine scarf. All luscious ! xx

  3. I vote for glass bottles over fancy vases - any day!

    Your Maaema is lovely!!!!