Friday, February 24, 2012

a day in photos

Fridays are for the knitting girls.  We had a big day today.  And oh so informative.

When Christine and I arrived at Mette's she was making us some pancakes, not just any pancakes but  "City Hall Pancakes".  It's a Danish thing.

So, did you all know that the Danish National handball team won the European...cup....of coolness?  Honestly, I don't remember what the competition was (feel free to pipe up in the comments, Mette).  And, if I'm honest, I got delicious danish pancakes this morning because I made fun of Mette's home country....much like people from New York City or people living anywhere in California make fun of the midwest. Yeah, that's exactly what I did to my friend, the Dane. I'm ashamed and embarrassed that I took advantage of the fact that I was born in biggest, richest, greatest, most diverse and wonderful country in the world (or at least it is all those superlatives in my mind) to tease a little country...just because it's little....and in the middle of Europe.  It was terribily hypocritical of me.  Mette, I apologize. But thanks for the pancakes and the lesson in handball and Danish culture.

So, the pancakes were served and we watched the final minute of the handball game in which the Danes beat the Serbs.

Then on to the celebration...the crown prince on the balcony of city hall in Copenhagen with the handball team greeting the people of Denmark.  Then the whole group ate some "City Hall Pancakes". This is why we did too.

Look, little Danish flags on my pancakes.


 After Danish-fest, Christine, who had been in the States recently, brought out gifts for all of us.  Knitterly-themed gifts.

Here's a close up....

In case you can't recognize it, it's a hand-crocheted dish scrubber.  There's a woman in Florida making these.  And they found there way to our appreciative hands.

After all this, we did get to some knitting.  Last summer some time we decided that as a "knitting group" we might try knitting something together.  Not one item, but the same item.  Like a book club.  I think it was Mette who found this pattern

So, like a book club, we all got the proper materials and were going to start together.  Well, most of us.  I showed up today with the fuckers already done.  I couldn't help myself. I cast on and then in like two days the buggers were finished.  I was that girl in the book group who reads beyond the agreed upon chapters to finish the book and who then shows up at the meeting telling everyone how the thing ends.  Yeah, you don't want me in a book club.  Actually, I could be in a book club because even though I would want to read ahead and then spoil the ending for everyone else I can't because I'm a painfully slow reader.  Yeah, you don't want me in a knitting group....except that I'm so much fun.

Mette made me feel so guilty about having finished them by myself last time I saw her that I came prepared today to knit another pair.  So we all cast on our joint knitting project.


Truth be told (can I tell someone else's truth?  Well, I'm gonna...) Mette is casting on her SECOND mitt in that photo above.  She couldn't wait either. And Christine, well, she probably WOULD have finished both mitts without the rest of us except for that small problem that she doesn't know how to read patterns.


We also had some show and tell time.

Christine finished ANOTHER scarf...and it's a dandy.

Mette had this little lovely just sitting quietly on the shelf of our knitting room.

Her name is Harriet, Happy Harriet.  She's a sheep.

Speaking of sheep, I was lookin' hot sporting my new sheep necklace....drawn and painted by Christine and made into wearable art by me.  How cool is that little guy?!

Some day soon Christine and I will have these little gems available for purchase, for now you'll just have to admire them on we do.

And....a knitting group day wouldn't be complete if I didn't ask Mette for some advice about a project that then involved me ripping back already competed work.  Thanks, Mette.

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  1. oneofthedanes9:37 AM

    I am gonna help you sort things out about handball. The gents won the european championship this year AND it was the second time in history. Now Europe compared to the US and A is small and Denmark is one of the very smallest countries in Europe (just found out recently that your State of Massachutsetts has 1.000.000 more inhabitants than Denmark). So when we win championships of ANY kind we are so very proud. And we are very good and skilled in handball. Let me also mention here that it all started with the ladies winning european championsship, world championship AND the olympics (in Atlanta) and also they won some of these titles more than once. Enough about handball.
    Please dont call me Mette the Ripper. Then I promise not to blame you for working ahead.
    Oh, we do have fun, dont we.