Sunday, July 08, 2012

So I got this really cool package from my cousin Bumpy the other day.  This was inside of it

It's a copy of a photo of our grandma from when she was 18.  In the corner she wrote a little note that says, "to remember your niece Vienna" in italian.  She obviously, at one point, had sent this photo to a relative in Italy....and then some how got it back....and now it's at another relative's house in Italy.  Cool, huh?  Thanks, Bump.

I'm guessing that when Grandma sent it to Italy all those years ago she wrote this note on the envelope in Italian

Cousin Bumpy's english message didn't help the mailman much. Dude just folded that puppy right in half and crammed in into my mailbox.

Let's pretend that you are a mailman/woman for a minute.  You are delivering an envelope which has this message written below the address...


Don't you think that there are a few things that you would NOT do to that package like
1.  throw it on the ground and jump on it
2.  light a cigarette in its proximity
3. Bend it?


  1. What a super photo to have! It's a darned good thing Bumpy used a bumpy envelope with some air inside those bumps so there is something left of the picture! I wonder what our grandmothers would think of us now....

  2. Mike in Boulder8:44 AM

    Do the letters in green mean anything? I sure wouldn't know what they were trying to tell me.