Saturday, July 14, 2012

Ummm...are these really my hands?

ummm, yeah, they are.

I guess that can be expected when a Saturday in Maberga results in:

1.  all the bricks for the new floor are washed!!!!

2. the orto is all weeded and the first treats of the season have been harvested

3. and the growing collection of papier mache BIG BOWLS have been painted and signed

So, if you'll excuse me, now I need to do this

And then give myself a bath and a manicure.

If any of you are on the Italian Riviera tomorrow, come on up to the festival in San Romolo where you'll find friend Christine and I showing our new wearable art


  1. Oh, your poor hands! But what a lot they have accomplished. When your floor is down and completed you can honestly say you have a personal connection with each and every tile! Love the bowls.

  2. Congratulation! You have done a good work; also in the orto!
    I had no idea that your bowls were that pretty. Good work there too.
    As for your wearable art; you need to make a site where I can show people what it is all about. They are crazy about the items I already bought.
    Have a nice sunday. Hopefully it will be a wonderful festival.

  3. Wow ! Such impressive output !
    What is involved in washing all those bricks besides vim and vigour, that is ?
    Love the bowls ! Can they be used for food or are they just beautifully decorative ?


  4. Love the dog necklace and the bowls L - Again I marvel at your creativity!