Thursday, July 26, 2012

a couple things I never really thought I'd say...

Check out my melons!

They're not much yet but they're mine and I'm proud as heck to have them to show off.

If you'll excuse me now, I have to go have a glass of wine to calm my nerves.  After 8 years living in my Maberga country villa it's nice to know that I can still have new experiences, even when they are a bit disconcerting.  I've just saved my dogs and my bare-foot, stupid-ass self from a snake on the patio... during which I accidentally killed him.


  1. waynosd1:28 AM

    Wow! The orto has come to life -
    "Nice Melons" How about your cukes,
    pomadoros and lechuga (spanish)?

    You do know the snakes eat those pesky little rats, mice and assorted lizards!

    How about some new pics of the construction project ??


  2. Hi there snakekiller
    Congrats on your melons. They are definetely bigger than mine. Are we talking about the same, haha. Anyway in DK my elon has just started to have flowers so I guess I won't have melons this year. After 3 days of summer (and of course the 5 days in April) we are expecting thunder, rain and colder weather, No wonder my melons are sad. So glad that you have some for me when we meet again after August 28th.

  3. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Dearest Lynn, Your posts never fail to delight.
    Congratulations on all your melons : ) :
    So satisfying when what we plant actually produces, isn't it.
    Do you know what kind of snake it is/was ?

    Love, Brenda
    ( I have to add my name as for some reason I haven't figured out I can only add comments as 'anonymous'. When I use google, etc. my pearly words disappear into the ether ! xox