Wednesday, October 17, 2012

autumn harvest

Mine looked like this
Yes, my orto, despite not being watered for 3 months (by me) is still giving me free food.  Awesome.

Being as thrilled as one could be, I did a harvest dance. Then I went down the hill to find a door mat and I saw this...

and his sister
Sister clocks in at 280 kg and brother at an even 300 kg.  Dudes not familiar with kilograms, let me do the math for you....that's 617.3 lbs and 661.4 lbs, respectively.


As impressed as I am by their girth, I can't help but feel a little sad for them.  Do you think they wanted to be so obese? Do they look happy?

On a completely unrelated note, expect that it was my reason for going down the hill, seeing the big ass I went to 4 (count them, f o u r) shops looking for door mats.  I didn't find one that didn't say "welcome!".  Yes, in english.  Whoever wins the US election, I'm pretty sure that the selection of door mats will continue to be more extensive than in Italy.

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  1. Just think of all the pumpkin pies those pumpkins could make. ;) That would be a whole lot of nutmeg, too. Our door mats - front and back - say "Velkommen." Yes, I dragged them home in a suitcase from Norway.