Saturday, October 13, 2012

short but really sweet...

was my family's stay in Italy.

Maybe sweet is not the right adjective.  Monumental, is probably more accurate.

Let's start here...

My dad had his 72nd birthday.  It was lovely, even though my car broke down, I had a row with a toll booth operator, and was pulled over by the cops. 

Yes, all that shit is about me and not my dad....but, well, I'm not a parent but I think these thing affect them twice as much as they do the children.  You can see this in that photo above.

No, he always looks like that.

Anyway, we did this

and then a lot of this

and then some of this

Mom got to join the knitting club for a day (note that she's the only one knitting.  Mom takes her tasks seriously)
And dad got to kick Teddy's ass in cards (truly monumental.  I think it's sweet that they coordinated their outfits)
Mom taught Christine and me (mostly Christine) to make her famous chocolate/orange cheesecake
Whilst the other Wisconsinites watched the Packers....seriously, if you are from Wisconsin and can watch the Pack play while on holiday in Europe, monumental....even if they lose.
AND, are you ready?

Cousins Bumpy and Doug got engaged (ummm, they both aren't my cousins, just in case you were wondering what Wisconsin people do...for the most part cousins don't marry cousins.  Doug's not my cousin but he's been around so damn long, he's already a cousin of mine, married or not)
Yes, that is a chilly pepper on her finger.  Seriously monumental moment.  I was there, got it on video but the participants would rather I keep that shit to myself (just between you olive readers and me, check YouTube in the future)

September 2013 wedding in Maberga. Yes.  they are marrying in Maberga.  Monumental.

I'd also like to take this chance to tell you all how totally monumental my parents are. Maybe monumental isn't the right adjective, but it fits with the thread I have going here on this post.  They are sweet, loving, supportive, and really good sports about my life...however that life might be when they happen to find it.

Like, for example, my latest obsession with bikes with 4 wheels.

Like, for example, helping me with my jewelry business and changing the seat on my toilet (sorry, no photos), vacuuming my dogs' hair and preparing dinners in my less than equipped kitchen.

You guys are pretty swell (I'm talking to my parents now, but of course I think all you olive readers are swell too, but really I'm talking to my parents)


  1. How very sweet. What a cool family you have. :) It looks like you all had a fabulous time. I look forward to the wedding pictures. Oh, yes, and the video of the engagement. ;)

  2. Mike in Boulder7:55 PM

    Count yourself lucky that you still have your parents with you--and loving and supportive parents to boot. Mine have been gone for over a decade. We had a stormy relationship, sad to say. But I still miss them.


  3. Even though Teddy is still suffering from losing in Cribbage (he has a hard time breating normally when talking about it) we couldn´t agree more that your parents are really swell. And thanks to your mom bringing them for me, I am getting a lot of nice comments on my new cheetah leggins. Thanks Mom Ann.