Friday, October 26, 2012

Damn rain

So, it's pissing rain in Maberga right now.  It's also raining in many places inside my house.  At 9.45 on a Friday night I text the wife of my general contractor.....Ha ha...yeah, that's a funny way of saying I sent a message to my friend Lina who is the wife of my other friend who does all the work on my house... maybe you've heard me talk about Augusto.  Within 3 minutes my phone was ringing.

"cosa c'e'?"
"Yeah, well, my house is raining inside, well, in lots of places."
"vicino la stufa?"
"yeah, of course near the stove...that's been going on for years.  But I'm not worried about that because you said you'd fix that.....soon."
"e allora?'
"well, 'and so''s also raining in my studio in like 10 places and the window in the stair well is crying."
"piange la finestra?"
"yes.  the window is leaking water at both's crying."
"Yeah, I don't expect you to come tonight. I'm just saying that my house is frinking not water proof.  Wouldn't you say a house should be water proof?"
"yeah.  It should be.  I'll just put towels everywhere for right now. And of course move my precious jewelry and very NOT water resistant paper mache to another place.  Dude, problems.  we got us some problems."
To my "general contractor", my good friend, almost my brother, I say..."have a good weekend."...Knowing full damn well that dude won't sleep tonight and will be knocking on my gate at about 8am tomorrow.

Damn rain. It really sucks for people who try to keep it out of other people's houses.

Correction to last night's post....He came this morning at 10am.  I was off by two hours.

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  1. Oh, good, I'm glad he got there. We have a contractor, too. He's a home builder. And, he is our daughter's boyfriend so he's here a LOT. That's good - we live in an old house and need him here a LOT. ;)