Sunday, April 21, 2013

So I took my car to the mechanic the other day for its once-every-two-years check up. Is there a word for that?  It's not biannual, I checked....


I arrived at the mechanic's to pick up the car and said, "well?  Is it ok?  Did she pass inspection?"

"Well, yes and no. Yes, it passed but when I was driving it on the autostrada to check everything I noticed that the acmisod;if adifnas don't work."

"Which means?"  I  asked because I don't know what the xoidf anksdf ;aiods are.

"Well, that means that we need to replace the ndcoi a;ilsdfiao dnfs."

"um, yeah, I figured that when you said that the xmico;vi adsiofs weren't working. But I still don't understand."

"Well, it's not a problem to pass the inspection.  You passed.  It just means that the car isn't so safe to drive."

"oh.  Just that.  So we should fix those xvmncioaefkladjs pretty soon then?"

"Yeah, come back in a couple weeks.  I'll have time then."

"And until then?"

"Oh, don't worry.  If the cops stop you, you are safe, the car passed inspection."

"And my safety?"

"Just drive slowly."

So I was driving slowly yesterday when the cops stopped me.  They didn't ask to see my car inspection but they did want to see my driver's license and my documentation.  Feeling quite cool and calm I produced what they wanted....or so I thought.

"Have you been here longer than a year?"

"Um, well, as you can see by my totally up to date documentation, yeah, I have."

"So can I see your Italian driver's license?"

"hmmm, I need an Italian driver's license?"

"yes, ma'am."

So it is that my car doesn't really work but passes inspection, I driving works just fine I but don't pass.  Go figure.


  1. Oh, my. So now you get to take the driving test in Italian? What fun that will be! :\

    I sure hope you post about it....

    Huge hugs from Port Canaveral where I can be in touch with the world like a normal person for a few hours each Sunday.


  2. Mike in Boulder6:34 AM

    Did you get a citation? Pver on this side of the pond, law enforcement takes a dim view of driving with the wrong drivers licence--or no driver's license at all! Driving while intoxicated can really ruin you day.

    Mike in Boulder


  3. what was the problem, driving too slow?
    Earle in Denver