Wednesday, July 10, 2013

So, in the past week or so when I haven't been blogging, I've written the wittiest and most enjoyable posts. Really, you should have read them, they were awesome.  Of course they were just in my head.

Like there was that one about when Franco came to town to pick me up because my car was at the mechanic and I happened to be standing on the street next to his dance teacher who is also the garbage man.  Friends, that was a funny frickin' post, that one.  Oh, I didn't mention that I was carrying a crate of pepper plants.  Funny frickin my head.

And then there was the post about Augusto and Franco talking and laughing about their dental dilemmas while they were laying tiles on my patio... all the while I was dreaming of the corn on the cob dinner I'm going to have with them.  That post was hi-frickin-lariuos, too... in my head. 

And now that I sit here to write an actual post...yep, nothing.  Just some random photos and that's that.  Nothing witty, no dancing garbage collectors nor sweet corn eating toothless friends.

All I've got is this photo of my first coffee breakfast on the new patio.

Absolutely luxurious.

And this one of Ruffino showing the clean-ability of said new patio tiles
Just gotta hose those puppies down.  I mean the tiles. 'Course I hose the dogs down too but they don't clean up as well.

And then there is this photo of my super cool need to add wheels to things that don't already have them.

That's a pallet-o-multi-use now!  Slight design flaw, however, in that I didn't buy wheels with brakes.  There's a bit more of a decline to the new patio than the naked eye notices.

And this one of my new tattoo, which came in the box of Popsicles

It's a penguin in a pink polka-dot bikini tossing a ball, in case you can't tell.

good night, everyone.


  1. Yes, those were funny posts - those posts in your head. ;) Love that patio! I'm glad that tattoo came from Popsicles - it is surely temporary. :) And, the final image is of total relaxation, isn't it....

  2. waynosd7:46 AM

    Nice tiles! Wish we were there lovin them with you!


  3. Congratulation on your new beautiful patio. I think that story is better than any of your other stories. Looking forward to see it for real soon.

  4. Anonymous7:35 PM

    As always, very funny, enjoyable post. The tiles look luverly ! Obviously Rufino approves. I must now add to my bucket list: Morning coffee with Lynn on her spacious patio overlooking the breathtaking view. : )

    Hugs, Brenda

  5. Lovely finished Patio, a beautiful outside room. You could build a pallet sleigh run and hold races lol.

    Just dropped by to say hello and hopefully will have more time later to browse your wonderful blog