Tuesday, August 12, 2014


So I just went to my own blog to have a look at what I was doing on this day in years past when I saw it.  I saw the number 19 next to the year 2014.  Is that possible that  I've only written 19 posts in the entire year 2014?  Is it February?  Damn, it's August.  That means I've only written, on average, 2.375 posts per month.  That means, on average, I've only written .6333333 posts per week. That means, on average,  I haven't written shit this year.

How can that be? Well, let's look at what I used to write about when I used to write

1. water.  I used to write about the lack of water, of tubes being cut and disconnected, of neighbors fighting over a limited supply.  Now, my water comes from the city into my house and I pay for it, just like most people in developed countries. Not many stories in that.
2. heat.  It used to be hard to come by, now it's not.  I've got 3 stoves keeping the 900 square feet  of my house toasty warm.  This of course wouldn't be a topic for blogging right now anyway since, as I mentioned earlier, it's August now not February.
3. house construction.  Yep.  That topic is closed now too.  Pretty much everything is done.  We have a stairwell connecting the two floors of the house, the upstairs is no longer threatening to cave into the down stairs, we have a bedroom in which bugs don't fall on our faces at night when we sleep, and we have a bathroom WITH a septic tank connection.  What else do we need?

Well, obviously, for the sake of the blog, we need a new project.

I got my eye on this...

Friends, isn't it beautiful?

Can't you see the potential? Just imagine the blog posts that will come out of the reconstruction of that!   It doesn't even have electricity!  Or a roof.  And it's huge.  We're talking stories for another decade!

 In a rough estimate, it should cost about a half a mil (euro, not dollars) to buy and fix up.  

500,000 euro, that's nothing. 

Here's what we do, my plan is very simple.  Everyone of you reading this blog right now should go to my website (www.mabergadesigns.com) and buy something -- a bracelet, a pair of earrings, a hat, whatever.  And then all 12 of you should tell 10,000 of your closest friends and family members to do the same.  That's it. Money raised, reconstruction commences and the stories start flowing.  120,012 pairs of earrings for all the blog fodder imaginable for YEARS to come.

What d'ya say?  

PS. while you're at my website, check out the photos of Morris, and Morris' Brother, and Morris' Other Brother in the maberga designs blog.


  1. Yes! By all means, that's a fixer-upper! We're still fixing up our 100 year old home, too. Now it's the basement - finished room and bathroom for teen granddaughter while she goes to XU across the street. :)

  2. If it is for sale, just buy it. It would make a wonderful studio.
    Don't worry about fixing. Just start with putting on something to keep out the rain (like a roof? or a piece of plastic) and take it step by step from there. For every birthday, wedding day and Christmas you only wish for thing for the house or work on the house
    ( you have organized a wedding before, same thing). I would gladly help.
    Beautiful house!

  3. waynosd2:30 PM

    So which family owns that ? How many years would it take to get them all to agree to see the place ?? We'll chip in! Would love to have a piece of a place on the Med.