Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tetris, Tons, and Tomatoes

Ever stacked olive wood?  Yeah, me neither.

I have, however, stacked a lot of wood since moving to Italy.  Not to brag or anything, but I'm pretty good at it.  It's like doing a puzzle.  Or rock climbing. Actually it's a lot like a life-sized, heavy, dirty game of tetris.

Which would explain my advanced skill level - I went through a tetris phase. I'm going to toss out a little theory here that says just about anyone who was in middle school in 80s would be a good wood stacker.

Wait, I'm a little off topic here, we were talking about olive wood, stacking OLIVE wood.

Maybe some of you have stacked Elm wood

or  maybe a bit of Oak wood

This would make you amateur wood stackers.  Babies.  Half-stackers. tee-ball stackers. Wanna enter the wood stacking big leagues?  Cut one of these gnarly bad boys into stove-sized pieces and start stacking

All I can say is.....who's your mamma?  I am.  I am your wood stacking mamma.

Ok, it's not so pretty but  it is 10 quintale (half ton) of olive wood in 4' x 3' x 6' stack.

David thinks that should keep us warm for about a week and a half.  So he picked up a little backup

Those would be small pieces of Brier wood from our pal Mimmo who has a business treating and cutting brier wood into pipe sized pieces to sell to people who make pipes - pipes for smoking, not tubes. I bet you never thought about where pipe makers get their wood, did ya?  Well, they get it from Mimmo.  And we get his left-over bits, in easy to stack bags.

Speaking of stacking, here's the stack of veggies from today's harvest.

As I type David is making our 3rd, THIRD, batch of sugo for jarring.

Umm, that doesn't look like much, it was just one batch.  Anyway...

Winter.  Bring it on...

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  1. Ooooh, we know about stacking wood here - that's after splitting it. BIG HUGE LARGE HUMONGOUS trees.

    Olive wood? My Honey uses it to make turned wood pens for our shop. Gorgeous wood!

    I love your picture of the gnarly tree.

    Hugs from across the pond,