Wednesday, October 22, 2014

guns, needles and pizza

When I was teaching at an elementary school in Denver, what now seems like a lifetime ago, I had a reoccurring nightmare.  In this dream someone comes into my classroom with a gun and shoots me in the neck.  This was pre-Columbine and my subconscious wasn't so fucked up that any of the children were shot.  Only me.  Right in the neck. In that little indentation, you know, just under the adam's apple, rendering me completely incapable of calling out for help. 

Have a dream like that a few times and you reconsider your career choice.  The job might have been stressing me out a bit.

And then last night, death by knitting needle.  In this dream a troubled young man was watching me knit, admiring my work.  I set the needles down just for a minute to count my rows.  I was knitting a 6 foot long rug...had this been a horror movie we'd all have known already that something bad was coming.  The dude picked those needles up (#9, straight, extra long....I was knitting a 6' rug) and stabbed another young person right in the gut who was just sitting there.

I don't know what happened next because today is Wednesday which of course means that the hunters arrived at 6am with their guns and trucks and dogs, causing our dogs to go completely ape-shit barking, causing everyone within a 5 mile radius to wake up.

If I have this dream another, say, 10000 times, I might have to reconsider my knitting career.  Or just never set my needles down.

In other Maberga won't be long now

Someone added a little cupola art

Can't you just taste that pizza

Viva Maberga


  1. Dear friend
    I hope your nightmares go away before we loose a great knitter!
    What a beautiful pizzaowen. Much bigger and prettier that first look and of course added the heart and soul of the Cornwells. Congratulations

  2. This oven is amazing! Just the look at it!
    And what a horrible, horrible dream. I would advice crocheting - but I can imagine some killer dreams with a crochet hook, too... Keep on knitting...