Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Mystery House Project - part II

Good guesses so far from y'all but no one has hit the mark yet.

Let's see if these photos can help reveal what we are making:

1. we will be using these....

2. where those two cute Cornwells are standing is where it will be

 3. supplies were delivered yesterday...

 4. ....in a very nice looking tractor

 5. we had coffee and cookies before the work started (that probably isn't such a helpful clue)

6. here's the beginning...

Now can you tell what it is?  New guesses?

Actually, we've all been very busy making things, in addition to the mystery project.  Those Cornwells mentioned earlier did this yesterday while I was out...

Yeah, they made light! Can you see that line of light illuminating the brick vault?  Cool, huh?  For a decade now it's been a little dark in our kitchen.  No more, baby!  And you can turn them on with a switch that is by the door!  Really cool.  Perhaps you all take lights and light switches for granted...don't!  Not having either one is a real pain in the ass.

I finally finished this patchwork blanket ...

which I think turned out just, absolutely Okie-Dokie .

And visiting son Graham got a new pair of socks (David picked out the colors, it's not my fault).

As the italians call their favorite cookies "Butti ma Buoni"  -- ugly but good.


  1. Paolo da Tacoma5:57 PM

    A real, bonafide, outdoor cooking/grilling area for your outdoor dining room.

  2. You all were really busy. Well, I would prefer knitting socks, sewing and drinking coffee and watching the boys working, too.
    Now it's easy: A real adult not camping anymore barbeque...

  3. I DIDN'T RECOGNIZE GRAHAM! Now he is bold (or balled?) as his father used to be. Hi Graham, nice to see you again
    Merry grill!