Sunday, June 14, 2015

Another Sunday in Maberga

In which the sun shone, a cool breeze blew, and some friends showed up with pot of wild boar.

and a sack of potatoes directly from the earth

and a few bottles of wine

David got up early to do his part

He also made his very first ever torta verde that was delicious! sorry no photo of his, but this is what it looks like...

And I made a peach pie, no photo of that looked like they usually do.

After this typical Maberga Sunday lunch a walk to watch the orto grow

and a dip in the Maberga pool

um, maybe not today

Happy Sunday.


  1. What a snake! This sounds like such a great sunday. I'm looking forward to visit your beautiful place in summer...

  2. Okay not cool. I'm enjoying the blog, scroll down, scroll down and BAM!! a picture of a snake. TTYL :)