Saturday, June 06, 2015


Sometimes they just come a rollin' in and it isn't even your birthday.  That's nice when that happens.

Q brought me this the other day

Thanks, Q!  That's awesome.

David's brother, Michael sent us a CD of his music.

How thoughtful.  Thanks, Michael!

My friend, Cindy sent me an email this morning with an image and a quote that made her think of me (in a nice way),
which I would copy here if I wasn't so tech challenged.  
Shucks, Cin.  Thanks!

Cousin Bumpy sent us this book she made about Maberga.
It's really beautiful.  Here, look inside

Dang, Bump.  You can get married here anytime.  Thanks!

Then, pal Christine brought me these Peruvian goodies from, well, Peru.

Hand-spun llama wool.  Whoa.  Muchas gracias, Amiga!

And on our morning walk today, some neighbors gave us

Maberga sunflower seeds for our garden and Maberga cherries for our bellies.  Grazie, Alba and Oreste!  That's darn neighborly of you.

Generosity and thoughtfulness are truly gifts.


  1. To good hearts come good things :)

  2. These are truly lovable gifts. I would take the yarn, the cherries and the jaw.