Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Finishing Well

We're just back from our trip to the States.  Two weeks of non-stop family, fun, and finishing.  It seems that every where I turned and everyone I talked with, the message was always the same.  Finish it and finish well.

First example and the reason that 5 different families, traveling far and wide, converged on Lake Cayuga in New York, is this gal

Yep, Dr. Emily Cornwell received her doctorate of veterinary medicine, making her DoctorS Emily Cornwell. Wait, that's creepy, makes her sound like she has multiple personalities.  Double Dr. Emily?  No, that sounds like ice cream.  How about Dr. Emily Cornwell Squared.  Naw.  We'll just stick with Dr. Dr.  After roughly 30 years, Emily has finished well her formal education....for now, anyway.

Here are some of the others I observed during this holiday in the "finish it well" catagory....

I want to say a huge thanks to these two people, Rod and


Obviously Janice is the lovely lady BEHIND the uncle shoving chips in his mouth.  Really sorry I didn't catch a better shot of you, Janice.

Thank you, Rod and Janice for finishing Emily's celebration with an amazing party.

And thank you thank you thank you to all the extended families who came to celebrate this huge achievement.  As Emily likes to say, it was awesome.

Back on the mountain, we had to rush to get our orto planted.

yeah, ok.  It doesn't look like much now, but we're hoping it will finish well.


  1. Looks like a great trip and I bet you are glad to be home. Our tomatoes look like your's but without the sticks.

  2. waynosd2:33 PM

    HOW FUN! Love all the family shots and the story about Dr. Dr.

    Looing forward to more Orto pics - and family of course.

  3. Congrats to Dr. Emily! :) And, yep, I am sure your garden will look much fuller soon. We're on our way across the pond, too, to Scandiland to visit the Norskis, many of whom share DNA with My Honey. My blog will lag a few days while we travel.

  4. Congratulations to Emily! Good to see Ann and Tony.

  5. Wow ! That's wonderful. Congratulations to Emily and the whole family. You must all feel very proud :)
    It's funny how images of people as last we saw them persist in mind. Although I've sen previous photos you've posted of Emily and Graham, they are still 6 and 8ish for me with images of Stanley when it was housed at at 13th &Quebec. Sweet memories..... Hugs, Brenda