Friday, November 06, 2015

Gimme the Gold

I had a play date with my friend Kate (I think her name is actually spelled Kaethe and pronounced way differently than I pronounce it.  She's german, I'm not).  Kate is the wife of Rolf, and the mother of Mila.  It's a good family.  An inspirational family.

This is Kate.

Kate has recently learned to gild.

Thoughtful as she is, she thought I might like it too.  Darn if she wasn't right!  It's totally fun!  Nothing like playing with gold to make a couple girls feel RICH!

'Specially when the girls are playing with gold here

which is Kate and Rolf's "shed" ...which is cleaner and better organized that my kitchen...and which is sitting on the mountain here

next to a beautiful garden and a dog that looks like Ruffino (sorry, shitty picture of the landscaping, you'll have to trust me on that).  And next to these

Rolf likes carving things.

Kate likes covering sea stones in gold.

Here's our day's production...

Yeah, ok.  Another shitty photo.  They look a lot nicer with the background of Kate and Rolf's gorgeous house....

Thank you, Kate for a golden day!


  1. And I wasn't there! Love your golden things. And I'm looking forward to your golden future ideas, Lynn... Yours Mila

  2. you were there in spirit, mila!!!

  3. Maybe you could all come to Denmark to play with me! Fantastic idea to wrap stone in gold!