Tuesday, November 17, 2015

there's been a birthday

We had a party for the birthday oven.

More on this when I have better photos (soon, really, I promise).

Should a thing live for more than one year without a name?  We are struggling.  At the party two were suggested....




They were not random names...we were told they were saintly names of ovens, breads, fires,  bakers....I don't actually remember.  Now when I look it up, we can't find any St Pasquale or Hildegard who has anything to do with pizza ovens.

Part of the problem with naming HER is that we can't agree whether she is a she or a he.  Seems obvious to me...I mean, come on.  Really.  Have another look at the photo above.

We are open to suggestions.  We probably won't take them.  But we love hearing them.


  1. Definitely a she, come on David just look at that picture.

  2. Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, a princess born in 1205 who rejected courtly life in order to distribute bread to the poor

    Also, Demeter - Greek Goddess of corn, grain and the harvest.

  3. Anonymous7:20 PM

    Martha (sister of Lazarus & Mary). The first, of many, patron saints of cooking/baking/etc. From PC