Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Oven Birthday Part II

Did I mention that we have a special guest who came just for the Oven's birthday?  He felt it was important since he was here for its birth.

That's sunny son Graham all the way from Seattle.  He's actually a lot sunnier than his face shows in that photo.  He made some ravioli for the celebration (no, they didn't go into the oven.  I'm not sure why they were on the menu but they were damn tasty!)

He had a little help

Since it was such a big celebration we had to have TWO different kinds of ravioli:


and David's brasato (braised beef)

and it was SUCH an important celebration we had to call in the professionals:


And Gino

But before we ate the ravioli we had a few things hot out of the oven....

sardinara (no photo...imagine a cheeseless pizza with anchovies, garlic cloves, and olives)

farinata (no photo...imagine a chick pea flour pancake the size of a pizza)

and, of course, pizza

Just because he was afraid we wouldn't have enough food, Gino also made brandacujun (Ligurian dish of potatoes and salted cod)

After something like 3 days of cooking, we sat down to eat

Happy Birthday, Still-Nameless-Oven


  1. What a fantastic meal. And the weather must have been good too since you can eat out. If we tried that in Dk we would freeze to death AND have no food because of wind and rain/snow. Hurra for sunny Italy

  2. Raviolis are a work of art! beautiful

  3. What a wonderful birthday party you had. You should celebrate every year! Mila