Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I have a hard time throwing things away.

I have a hard time throwing things away. I mean, you just never know when you are going to need, for example, one (or 20) of these:

Whenever that time comes, I’m prepared. (Yes, I actually take the time to wash them and store them).

Here is my collection of jars.

It should be a much larger collection but David strongly “requested” that I let some go last autumn.

Here are the lids…
I’m not exactly sure why I don’t keep them together with their jar. I think I just like to see a lot of one thing all together.

In the past couple of days I’ve been very busy making these:

Those are my new designer labels (Yes, that would be more “Olive” designer labels than I have completed designs. Oh well, I’m optimistic).

They look like this on a completed item:

Cute, no?

AND, when you make so many little things like that in wild colors, you get a lot of these:

True to form, I let my pile of little scraps of yarn build up as I made more and more labels until it hit me.

POM POMS!!!!!!

Mette, dear friend and knitting mentor of mine, I told ya I’d find a use for these!:

I'm delirious with pom pom possibilities.

I’m not sure but I might be spending too much time alone.


  1. bigsis9:30 PM

    I think you might be spending too much time alone too!! I think those pompons bring back some childhood memories. How's the pup? I hope this works. Talk to you later.

  2. Pom poms? I can not believe this from the women who does not believe in cheerleaders - oh well, I guess you can do other things with the pom-poms. Really like the patches on the sweaters!! Talk to you later.

  3. olive---the tags for the knitted things are a nice touch. i'm in agreement with bohringmama, where the heck did pom poms come from. bigsis seems to think it's a childhood thing. i'm having a hard time with that explanation.

  4. MaryinDenver6:09 AM

    The Andy Rooney of Italia!

  5. Mettymentor12:10 PM

    Either too long time alone or just simple and plain neurotic. Wish I could come sooner than may. Then we could call it new design or ecological conciousness Ha Ha. I agree with panciabuddha about the tags. Looks very very nice.