Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Cigar? It's a checker board!

NOTE to All: I'm obviously having troubles (again) posting pictures, but I don't want to let this slow me down. So, I'm writing anyway and will add the photos just as soon as I can. Sorry.

Please help me celebrate. Today I gave birth to this.

Okokokok, it’s true. I have no children of my own so I would have no way of knowing what the birthing process is like. Let me just say this about the about pictured project:

--I laughed, I cried.

--it was painful

--it took 9 months to create…ok, not really but it seemed like it.

--it was fun to conceive

--on more than one occasion I swore that I would never make another

--as a bi-product, I got some big pom poms

--did I mention it was painful?

--it was terribly wrinkly just after I finished it

--in the end, I have a beautiful creation…that maybe only its mother can appreciate

That sure sounds like everything I’ve ever heard about the birth thing, no?

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