Sunday, April 09, 2006

Giuseppe Disordinato

Sorry for the lag in writing, David’s been home. I’m finding that this seriously cuts into my blogging. (Honey, if you’re reading this, that wasn’t a complaint). Having a real person to talk with (not that all you readers AREN’T real, you’re just not real-ly here with me) definitely takes up more time. To blog, I just say what I have to say and hit “post”. With David, he responds, he asks questions, he changes the subject, then I ask questions, respond, interrupt, change the subject, then he…ok, you get the point.

AND, when he is home we do things like this…

Yes, that would be dinner for 9 in our kitchen.

But this was not just all fun and songs

I was actually doing serious research for chapter 8 of the non-book: Menu planning when having the Calabrians for dinner - what not to serve (see blog “just one chapter after another”). First, I have to edit (can you edit a book that hasn’t been written?) – the chapter must be changed to Menu planning when having Italians to dinner.

BOOK NOTE TO SELF: Italians don’t really understand the subtleties of sloppy joes.

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