Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Just a weekend...

So, really not much, well except LIFE, usually happens here in Maberga. Days and weeks and months go by and we are just, well, living. But this weekend…get out! It’s just been a bit too much for my system.

Saturday, April 15 – Just a normal day, you know, I did some last minute organizing for the artisan market like this:

(those are my price tags)

We painted some easter eggs. Without the aid of a Paas kit, we really missed that metal thing that holds the egg when you dip it (see market picture below for a peek at the eggs).

Then I fished this out of my bath water:

(I don't know what it is or how it got in my bath water, it has legs)

Then Franco stopped by and dropped off some trout. (I didn't photograph it because, well, come on, everyone knows what trout looks like, please!)

You know, just a normal day.

Sunday, April 16 -- 8.00am to 7.00pm at the mercatino in Arma di Taggia.

Let’s just not talk about how much I sold but rather how much fun I had, ok?

Here are terrifically supportive friends, Mercedes and Flavio who brought me coffee and a colomba – grande!

Here is the really nice man who had the stall next to me. He was selling wine from the Monferrato. By the way, he said that if we knew any rich Americans who wanted to buy a vineyard in Italy he’s ready to sell. Great wine, we had a little sample with lunch….and another later with dinner.

Monday, April 17 -- A drive to Nice to drop David at the airport with “his people” (a bunch of Irishman, I mean) who were heading home. Followed by what I think was a photo speeding ticket taken on my way home - damn. (I'll post that photo when I receive it in the mail)

Then I was off to a Pasquetta/birthday party. Pasquetta is the Monday after Easter and is a national holiday. People usually get together with their friends, have bbq’s or picnics and take walks. We did this:

a little eating (lunch for 21 -- many-a-slaughtered animal),

That's the birthday gal, Chiara there in the middle. (there were 2 of those birthday tortas!!!!!)

A little singing… Italian karaoke…bring it on!

Which, of course, lead to a little dancing…

(those are the hosts…get this, she is from CORLEONE! I’m not lying, she has pictures. She asked if I’d ever heard of it before, “um, yes ma’am, I believe the entire world has heard of Corleone, Italy.” She felt proud.)

Then to the train station to retrieve friends Robert and Dina – New Mexicans who live near Turin Sorry, no picture…I was sick of my camera by this point – perhaps you all are also sick of it by now, too.


  1. olive---where is the vineyard that is for sale located? how much does he want? i may have some people interested. how did you get invited to the birthday party? are those people from Corleone friends of yours?

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    Ciao Lynn, come promesso scrivo questo commento in italiano, anche perchè almeno in america non si spaventano dal mio pessimo inglese.
    E' bello che tu scriva quello che fai qua e delle persone che conosci.
    Sono molto felice di averti conosciuto, sei veramente una persona speciale. Baci Chiara

  3. mettymentor1:04 PM

    Looks to me from the pictures that you are having great weather in Italy now. Lookking forward to enjoy that with you soon.
    I also want to know about the vinyard. Is it far from us or could it be a potential second-house-choice for us?
    E adesso un po´ italiano per Chiara. Penso come te, veramente Lynn e´ una donna creativa, gentile e bella, ma non dice per lei che ho detto. Forse ci vediamo quest´estate. Ciao
    All for now. I am off to my garden, because spring finally arrived here.