Friday, June 02, 2006

Some perspective, an observation, and a query

My dose of perspective comes by way of Cat Stevens' Moonshadow (I added the last lines)…

"And if I ever lose my hands, lose my plough, lose my land,
Oh if I ever lose my hands, I won't have to work no more.
And if I ever lose my eyes, if my colours all run dry,
Yes if I ever lose my eyes, I won't have to cry no more.
And if I ever lose my legs, I won't moan, and I won't beg,
Yes if I ever lose my legs, I won't have to walk no more.
And if I ever lose my mouth, all my teeth, north and south,
Yes if I ever lose my mouth, I won't have to talk..."

And if I ever break my machine, if my washer will not clean,
Yes, if I ever break my machine, I won’t have to do laundry no more.

The observation comes, well, it just came…

You know you are starting to settle in a community when you are having a little walk around with your dog in the next town over and a passing car shouts out a greeting to the dog, “Ciao, Rufinoooooo!”


Does anyone know how to clean wool just sheared from a sheep (actually, LOTS of sheep – I got lots of wool)? Neighbor Giuseppe gave me an enormous bag (like 5’ tall) of dirty wool. “All you have to do is clean it!” Perfect. “How do I do that, Giuseppe?” “In the bathtub with soap – soap for wool.” Well, this sounded a little too simple to me so I tried a small sample in the sink. It didn’t really work - in fact it didn't work at all. I mean lots of shit came out (I’m not being crude there with my language…that’s really what was coming out of the wool) but it is far far from clean. Any suggestions ?

An observation inside a query – Dirty wool really smells bad.

A query inside a query following an observation – anybody know what I can do with this wool when I’ve cleaned it? Is it spinnable?


  1. EarleinDenver6:17 AM

    Well, believe it or not I was raised on a farm and we had sheep. Every June I believe we would shear them and take all the wool to town to sell it at the "wool pool". I really enjoyed riding on top of the pile of wool, all that lanolen (spelling?). Unfortunately I don't remember cleaning it, just hauling it into town and then selling it. Probably need some nasty chemicals to rinse it, who knows. Maybe google can help.
    Good luck!

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