Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday...

So, it’s my dad’s birthday. Actually his birthday is tomorrow but our internet expires at midnight tonight and tomorrow is Sunday so we can't renew until Monday and, of course we can't renew before hand because, well, it's just one of those weird Italian quirks. Anyway...

Happy Birthday, Dad. I really wanted to do something special and unique for you for your birthday so I wrote you a haiku. Ready?

Tony, a grand Dad.

Autumn adds another year.

He worries a lot.

On reflection of my first haiku…that really doesn’t say much of anything about my dear dad. Jeeves told me that I need to do the 5-7-5 syllable thing and also include the season (he also said WAY more than I really wanted to know about writing a haiku).

I guess this means that Dad (and you lucky readers) get a new haiku every year…each year revealing a little more about my generous, loving and concerned father for many many years to come.

Happy Birthday. One year wiser, not older, well, also older.

PS. Mom, I bet you can’t wait for December and your haiku!


  1. Lynn---thank you so very much for the unique, special birthday greeting. I'm going to keep it with the 65th birthday card(and pipe) you and David gave me. It was a year ago that mom and I visited beautiful Maberga. love

  2. bigsis4:55 PM

    A swell birthday treat-
    On this beautiful fall day-
    Think the Pack could win?

    PROBABLY NOT!! This was the best I could do.
    Happy birthday dad- Love Laurie et al