Saturday, October 21, 2006

Sweater Weather

I ran into the boss of a friend of mine the other day. He likes to speak in English with me.

Dino: Ciao, Cara Leeeeen! How are you?

Lynn: I’m fine, how are you, Dino?

Dino: Yes, Yes, I am well.

Long pause in the conversation…

Lynn: Nice sweater, Dino. (it wasn’t handmade but still – a nice color combo, plaid, zip up)

An even longer pause, accompanied by that smile people give when they are treading in incomprehension…

Dino: Yes, yes, but I think it changes in a couple days.

Long pause of confusion on my part…

Dino: Yesterday I went in Piedmont and already is cold there.

Just as Dino predicted the weather (sweater, whatever) has changed and in celebration (or preparation) I have made David and I some of these…are you ready…

From the studio of Olive Knitting I am pleased to introduce

50% sock, 50% slipper, 100% warm winter feet on cold brick floors

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