Monday, October 09, 2006

Remember how excited I was about finishing the bedroom so I wouldn't have all those creepy crawlies creeping and crawling all over the place? Remember that?

Yah, well, I came up to bed tonight and found this fella

hanging out behind the radio. Yeah, he disappeared when he saw the flash...that's comforting. Where the hell did he go, there are no more holes in the walls?

Obviously there's at least one...he got in, didn't he?

Then I sat down and randomly gandered up at our big beautiful window

Terrific. Right over the bed. Better sleep with my mouth closed tonight. 'Course, that guy's so big he wouldn't even fit in my mouth if he fell. He'd just cover my face and probably suffocate me to death. (Please no comments from family members about the size of my mouth. Just because I talk a lot doesn't mean that it is physically BIG, big enough for a huge gecko).

Well, that's about all I have to say for tonight. Yes, as you may have guessed, David is out of town again. So you can expect more posts. With the additional time left by his absense, I have also started clearing our land of a year's worth of weeds and growth ... using a pair of scissors.

Damn, I almost forgot... This is a knitting blog...

Here's a photo of those wrist warmers.

They aren't really warming anyone's wrists here but it's a cool photo, no?


  1. oneofthedanes10:05 AM

    Hi there
    Be happy about your gecko. An old saying says: "Where there are geckos there are no rats" (or tigers for that matter). Personally I prefer a gecko to a rat in mouth too.
    Lovely wristwarmers and a great view. I just finished another pair of legwarmers.

  2. bigsis3:13 PM

    Lynn- I HAVE to ask.. how often do your wrists get cold, and you stop to think- damn I wish I had a wrist warmer?!?!? Just wondering. Grab one of those things and trap that gecko. If you haven't already moved out of your house and surrendered it to those things!! They travel in LARGE groups I hear. Sweet dreams.