Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I meant to do that!

I just finished putting some undies in a carry-on for my trip. I've decided to wear the same clothes for the whole week while in Denmark (except for the undies) so I can carry more yarn. It seems very sensible now. I will tell you if it was a good idea or not when I come back. I figure that since I wear the same thing here night and day from one bathing to the next (I won't tell you how frequently this is because it might embarrass my parents) why not while I am away. So now I get to go to my yarn stash and pull out a bunch of stuff to fill my suitcase. I think this is a good decision.

In other knitting news. Check out these photos.

Clara Parks' 1 skein shawl has just become a two skien swimming suit wrap! You can call it pure knitting designer genius, or you can call it what it really is....the bed was too short on the right side to continue pinning the shawl down. Thus, I decided to leave the points of the triangle unblocked and therefore ready to be tied around my waist.

Come on ... it's genius.

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