Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Five abundant days in Denmark. Five days with the great pal, great knitter, great lady, Mette (aka: reader/commenter Mentor Mette, and One of the Danes). An abundance of wonderful conversation, tasty fish dinners, and not-so-bad wine.

She showed me her stash. Abundant.

She taught me to read Danish. Ok, it’s really just reading knitting but it sounds cool to say I was reading Danish. (I’ll post photos of the Danish shawl when it’s Finnished – ha ha! Get it? It's an old joke when in the company of Danes but I still laugh every time)

We watched a bee lay an abundance of eggs on the kitchen window. That was kind of gross but Mette thought it was cool so she took a photo.

We knit a little.

I got to see an abundance of Bente (another one of the danes who is a reader but sadly, a non-commenter and a non-knitter. That’s ok – she’s still pretty nice).

We stood in an abundance of rape. Denmark is quite beautiful at this time of the year.

We listened to some flowers at Bente’s summer house before she fixed us an abundant (and rather luxurious) lunch.

Mette and I also shopped, played, chatted and did a bunch of other girly things.

Thanks Mette for sharing your abundant life with me for a few days.
Then I came home to my abundant life.

David had been puttering while I was away and mom and dad sent me a little care package.

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  1. oneofthedanes10:29 AM

    We did have an abundant time together, did we not. Teddy was rather surprised that we only had time for 2 games of cribbage in 5 days. I can see that you have a lot of pearl-sorting to do. Bon lavoro. Baci