Wednesday, May 30, 2007

a small favor, please

Ohhhh friends, there’s so much to say, so much to tell, so much nothing that I could have been reporting to you during all this time I’ve been away.

Instead, I’m just going to ask for a little favor (or favour or favore – depending on where you are when you read this)…please send positive vibes to our refrigerator tonight. I’m afraid I might have jinxed it.

Everything electrical and mechanical has been working swimmingly for I don’t know how long when I went to pee tonight and noticed, across from me, the washing machine flashing lights in a way it’s never done before. (ok, we did have a little scare with the toilet the other day, still unexplained but problem rectified, so to speak. Who has ever had their toilet tank NOT refill after flushing when there is NOT a water shortage? Anyway, it’s filling consistently and reliably now, who cares why.) After not a huge investigation of the washing machine, we discovered that we had a little clog – no, not a small wooden yodeler shoe but rather a big wad of dog hair plugging the drain. We took some tubes apart, read the owners’ manual (yes, in that backwards order), unplugged it from the wall for 40 seconds (I counted), the light-flashing stopped and the washer started.

Here’s the trouble…can you predict it? Yes, over dinner I brought the subject up. I reflected on the fact that every and any electrical and mechanical thing that we own seems to have a propensity to stop working….(and I quote), “except for the fridge”.

Please send positive vibes, we've got stuff in the freezer that really needs to stay cold.

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  1. EarleinDenver10:47 PM

    Good Fridge, you're the best. You live at an exceptional house that takes the best care of you. These people that you live with do not shop at Costco or any other huge box store where people in America go to and buy way too much stuff, therefore straning their fridges beyond the normal duties.
    Take care and maybe I can see you again soon.