Sunday, May 13, 2007

Frosted mamma...

I used to try to ignore the mothers’, fathers, grandparents’, secretaries’, favorite second cousins’ type days. Not because I didn’t think that my favorite second cousin deserved to be recognized once a year but rather because I held a secret paranoia that Hallmark was trying to take over the world.

Ok, that’s not true. Usually I just forget.

Anyway, this year I would like to tell you, with just one anecdote, why I think my mom is a pretty terrific gal, deserving of recognition, and perhaps a candidate for mother-of-the-year:

When the Carol Brady hair frosting was in fashion, Mom would let my sister and I (aged 12 and 7 respectively) pull her hair through the little plastic cap with that crochet hook thing. That was fun. Very fun. Thank you, Mom. In addition, she didn’t even care that Laurie’s side of her head had big, wide frosted stripes from Laurie’s large chunk pulling method while my side was just about all white because I pulled through each individual hair.

I think that sufficiently sums up exactly why I love my mom so much. That and the fact that it was actually about 10 years after Carol stopped frosting that we still were.

Happy mothers’ day, Mom.

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