Friday, June 22, 2007

blog housekeeping

Ok, so just a little bit of blog housekeeping….

1. Helllooooo??? No one has commented on the new and improved Olive Knitting Blog header. I know, it’s a little too wide…I’m still working on it. I drew that olive tree myself. My mom thinks it looks like a broccoli bunch and my dad says a pot plant (for psychology of my own that I won’t go into here, it’s some how comforting to me to get confirmation that my father never smoked pot. Or at least never grew it). Any positive feedback about the new header…or the tree is welcome. If it’s negative, keep it to your own damn self.

2. Yes, yes yes…at least 15 days have gone by since I said I would give you the second half of the limoncello recipe. Good news is, if you’ve had the lemon rinds steeping in that grain alcohol for all this time more than 15 days it will not render the limoncello too strong and therefore undrinkable. In fact, quite the contrary. David made our limoncello after maybe 9 days – and I gotta tell ya, you go a little blind drinking it. As this is the case, and the fact that David is currently sleeping and I don’t know the sugar/water solution ratio, I’m just going to tell you… google it. Sorry, I’m really not a very good Frances Mayes.

3. Sunday is the annual Maberga mass. I promise to take many photos…which I’m sure will look a hell of a lot like last year’s.

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  1. EarleinDenver12:01 AM

    Sorry, I meant to comment on it right away but I got side tracked again, story of my life. I like it. I knew right away it was an olive tree, or maybe a tree decorated for Christmas. I always love to hear anything about "hills in Italy".
    Hey, how about our Rockies, smashed the Damm Yankee's.