Saturday, June 02, 2007


Well folks, Casa Cornwell has been in heavy production mode!

I’ll start with the knitted stuff since this is supposed to be a knitting blog:

Project Washcloth – aren’t they great?
Those non-knitters of you who are looking at these little gems and thinking “what’s the big deal?” are OH SO wrong! Have you ever used a hand-knit washcloth?! Well, you SHOULD if you haven’t. Call your nearest knitter and ask them to make you a washcloth.

Those knitters amongst the readers will correctly guess that I must be totally exhausted from something else in my life if all I can cast on are washcloths.

Yep, I’ve also been working on some of these.
Ok, that’s a TOTAL understatement. I’ve become completely addicted to making jewelry. It seems that a bit of a cottage industry is developing for this stuff and I’m as pleased as punch about it.

And David, being the loving and supportive enabler he is, made a little trip to Murano in Venice – just to feed my habit.

David has been keeping busy with the cooker whist I pearl and purl. Some pals called for help with their cherries – they had too many so we took some off their hands. We took TONs from them and David made some jam – lots of jam.
It goes really well with his homemade bread which he has been making almost daily.

And THEN…the topper of it all…it’s limoncello season. If you’ve never had limoncello fatto in casa, that’s a shame. You could run out to the liquor store and get some of this dessert in a bottle but that would be the same as running to walmart to get a washcloth – you’d be missing my point, here.

You could try to make some yourself but you must have lemons that haven’t been treated with anything. Here’s how it works:

1. pick some lemons – about 7 or 8 good sized ones, more if they are little.

2. using a knife or a potato peeler, cut off the rinds – you really want just the yellow part, not the white stuff.

3. put the peels in a liter of grain alcohol in a container that is air tight.
4. put this container in a cool dry place for 15 days to steep.

I’ll write the follow up in 15 days when the steeped alcohol is ready for the sugar water part of the process that makes it taste so yummy and makes it not lethal! This is obvious, but still I feel the need to mention that you can not drink the lemon peel/ alcohol mixture by itself. It’s not cookie dough – for God’s sake it’s grain alcohol.

In addition to the people production, the garden has been hard at work with tomatoes, chili peppers, bell peppers, pumpkins, and tons of herbs.

The dogs, for their part, have been producing mountains of hair.

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  1. EarleinDenver3:43 PM

    Looking good, can't wait to see pictures of the garden when it comes in. Ours was doing very well when along came a huge hail storm and shreaded the leaves of many of the plants, flowers and trees. The tomatoes were hardest hit. Do you have problems with hail?