Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pressed and dressed and ready for an outing with their father...

Ok, I’m going too…I just like to quote Mary Poppins whenever I can.

Tomorrow night, at about midnight or 2am or so David and I will be hitting the road with a cooler full of road trip food and …are you ready….our two “lively” dogs. “Lively” is the euphemistic term that polite Italians use to describe our dogs. Other people just try not to talk about them, you know, like the bastard at the dinner table.

So we thought that a trip to VENICE would be just the ticket for them!

Ummm, not really. That last sentence was sarcasm.

We begged, bribed and prayed (not necessarily in that order) and we still couldn’t find anyone to watch the dogs for the 36 hours we plan on being away.

SO, the plans changed.

What was once going to be an adventurous and romantic night train trip to Venice (Murano, to be specific) with the following day consumed by consumerism of the best kind - beautiful Murano beads purchased from all the shop owners David met on his last trip (probably designing a few beads of my very own to be made ‘specially for me!), a picnic dinner by the Grand Canal, ending with a night train back home has turned into this…

Well, let’s just say it will be a different trip. However, I’m sure it will go wonderfully, perfectly, spectacularly despite…

1. both dogs get incredibly car sick. The drive to Venice is 5 and a half hours.

2. the dogs see MAYBE four other people besides us each day…and they are always the same four other people. We are taking them to Venice in June – ever been to Venice in June? There are a few people there.

3. Ruffino is a golden retriever which means that he is a swimming crack head. Let me say again, we are going to Venice. Ever been to Venice? There’s some water there.

4. We will be shopping for beads…glass beads…in GLASS stores.

Folks, I’ll bring the camera and, if possible, will record the adventure for you. If I never mention it again in any other blog post ever, please don’t ask. That will mean that something went terribly wrong. Which I’m sure it won’t. When Mary and Burt took little Jane and Michael dancing on the roof tops, everything turned out beautifully - they got a little dirty but there were some amazing fireworks.

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  1. EarleinDenver4:44 PM

    Wow, Venice with the dogs. I wish Mary and I could join you but it's more like 5 days away instead of 5 hours. We plan on a road trip in August to a lake in Montana, lots of water but very few people. No beads but lots of pine cones. Looking forward to your pictures as always.