Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Frequently people do things for me that are so thoughtful and generous that, well, it makes me question my worthiness.

Let me give you a few of the most recent examples...

1. Mike (of the comments), a man that I met once, 6 years ago when he bought my Little Blue, recently sent me a couple little care packages. Actually it would be better to say "car packages". You see, Little Blue, the car that we mutually loved is so much more than a car that it created a bond between Mike and I that has lasted longer than the time either of us got to spend with Little Blue. Here's a picture, maybe you can understand why...

Obviously that's a photo of the car, not Mike (and, obviously it's just a photo I took of the web of a Fiat 600, not Mike and my Little Blue which was, well, BLUE). Anyway, back to Mike and his generosity... out of the blue (and the Blue) he sent me all this great Fiat memorabilia from the Denver Automezzi classic Italian car show (which, by the way, I am proud to say Little Blue won the "people's choice" prize in a few years back...not too shabby given the competition included Ferrari's, Maserati's, and the like). Mike sends me such a package every year. Sometimes it's a t-shirt, or a poster, or photos but always something. This year we have a desk calendar, the Automezzi book, 3 years of posters (all of which will adorn my studio) and a tote bag (to become my new mobile knitting projects' carrier).

Thank you, Mike.

2. Remember these guys?

They're the friends who come to visit Casa Cornwell after their annual ski trip every year, only to have some major housely system break. Before they come, they always ask what we want from the US. Last year I requested books on tape (not really realizing how freakin' expensive they are). I listen to books on tape when I'm working in my studio and I explained to Denise and Wayne that I've been listening to same TWO books over and over again for about 4 years. I thought they might bring me, like, one new one. Nope, they brought me, like, a dozen. I went through them like a starving man at a buffet.

Then, when I arrived in Wisconsin last week there was a little package waiting for me. Pallies sent me another one! How nice is that?!

Thanks, Denise and Wayne.

3. Ok, well, she IS my mother but she's going above and beyond this time. When I was home I was showing her the free pattern section of the Berroco website and we just happened to take a look at the dresses (it's not really important to the story that I have been wanting a knitted dress for a really long time!). We found "Anna" and mom said, "I'll make that for you." Just like that, "I'll make that for you." Friends, do you realize how much time (not to mention YARN) goes into knitting a dress?! Yeah, me neither because I've never knit one and, frankly, I am too daunted to even think about it.

She's making me THIS (free pattern here).

When it's done I will never take it off. Never. Not even in the summer when it's like 40 degrees (celsius)...unless I'm wearing that cute cabled yellow sweater she made me last spring.

Thanks, Mom.

4. This one astounds me every year...when I go home, my parents shower me with gifts. I come home and THEY give ME gifts. The list is too long to go into but ranges from clothes to tooth paste (in bulk) to an MP3 so let me just say that I had to borrow an extra suitcase to bring it all back. Unbelievable.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Thoughtfulness and generosity in excess.

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  1. Anonymous7:21 PM

    You are too kind! It's because we love you and worry about you on
    the side of a mountain with nothing but dogs and Calabrian's to keep you company!

    We're always on the hunt for more books.

    Wayne & Denise