Monday, September 08, 2008

Happy Monday

A little photo for those of you who log on to Olive Knitting upon re-entering the office on Monday mornings.

Looks just like any stretch of road on US highway I80, no?

If we could span out a little (which, unfortunately we can't) we'd see the farm house which is a stone structure circa 800 ad and a cellar that might look like this...

No white clapboard there - it's Tuscany.

Actually, as I was typing the title to this post I had to think twice, to make sure that it really was Monday. Yep. Monday. These days, it's hard for me to always distinguish the days. I don't really have any outside commitments to aid me.

I work everyday but work for myself from home, with no deadlines so I can do that whenever. Social outings in my world happen just as frequently on a Tuesday at 8.30pm or a Wednesday at 10am as a Saturday evening since most people I know also work for themselves, are retired or just don't work. I don't have a tv so I never have the occasion to remind myself that it's Thursay so ____________ is on(you fill in the blank, I don't even know what's ON tv any more). I do watch the changing phases of the moon but, alas, am not so knowledgeable to know the day from this (yet).

Of course there are some things that I have to do according to someone else's time table. Like, say, pay car insurance. But this happens every six months...not really helpful for setting the clock. Or the "revisione" on the cars (think emissions test but more extensive, like they check if your wipers work properly) which only happens once a year...but does NEED to happen as a nice police officer reminded me yesterday when he pulled me over. Again, not really helpful for the day of the week thing.

How else does one tell the day? A calendar I suppose. I do have one of those on my phone, I'm pretty sure. But why would I check it if it doesn't matter what day it is anyway?

Well, I'll close now. I'm going to have a walk and then go to work.

Don't be ridiculous, that's not me. The dogs always come with me when I go for walks.

Happy Monday.

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  1. oneofthedanes10:34 AM

    I could also tell by the shoes, that it was not you;o)) Nice to know that wednesday afternoons is in your blood and not in your calendar. See ya tomorrow