Monday, September 15, 2008

Ya' Say it's Your Birthday, ...

Yeah, it's my birthday, too. Actually tomorrow is my birthday.

Given that I'm alone on the side of a mountain, I asked myself, "hey, Lynn, how would you like to celebrate your birthday?"

My answer?

"Thanks for asking. I want to get some bread and cheese, and maybe some champagne, go to the top of a mountain and knit! All by myself...just me, the food, the wine and my knitting in a big open space under the autumn sky."

That's when my self asked me, "How is that celebrating? do that everyday."

Yes, it's true. I do have a life that, for me, is pretty darn awesome everyday. But tomorrow will be different because of this:

I've decided that I'm going to knit myself a huge gift. I've been wanting a knitted jacket for a looooonnnnngggg time but have just felt too daunted by the prospect. So much work, so much yarn... Two questions kept haunting me (and halting me)

What if I do all that work and it's ugly?
What if I invest in all that yarn and then never finish it?

Basically I've never trusted myself with the task. When pondering the idea of computing another year on this planet, I thought "screw that!" I'm knitting myself a jacket!

Truth be told there is a whole unfolding metaphor wrapped up in this decision to knit this project. Actually, it hasn't revealed itself yet but I think it's big. So, I'm making a big deal out of this jacket.

I spent a good part of Sunday going through ALL my books and mags to find just the right project.

Along the way I found all these project that I want to do some other time.

Then, late last night I found that one above in one of my Rowan mags (details to follow - I don't feel like getting up to look at number of the mag or the title of the pattern. Trust me, there will be more posts coming about this thing.)I LOVE the shape, and the ruffles...I'm going to skip the flowers.

Bright and early this morning, armed with the pattern and the money from my secret stash held for just such metaphorical, wooly life emergencies, I went to see

La Signora

Along the way I happened to pass a school where the kiddies were back for their first day.

And presently said a little prayer, thanking whatever god it was that made it so that I wouldn't have to spend my birthday teaching them on their second day of school.

I got this from La Signora.

I LOVE it. I had to force myself not to cast on today. 'Specially when, this afternoon, I took the doggies for a walk and saw this:

Look! The it's the same color as my jacket yarn! Obviously I COULD have cast on and knit on my jacket all day - it's not like there's anything stopping me. But if I did, what would make tomorrow so special?

So now I'm going to go to bed because that will make tomorrow come faster.


  1. Mike in Denver9:20 AM

    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday, dear Lynn.
    Happy birthday to you!


  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Happy birthknittingday on the mountain. The jacket will be beautiful. If not, you know what to do and then it will never be a waste of yarn. See ya tomorrow at the club