Saturday, September 13, 2008

What a wedding

What a day. And if it weren't for the fact that I don't have a fenced in area in which the doggies can stay while I am away from home for longer than they can hold their pee, this day would still be happening at a wedding party.

Friends, it's 8pm. I left the house this morning at 9.30am to begin this celebration. (in case you are worried about the dogs bladders, I came home between the ceremony and the reception to let them pee) When I left the party this evening, the vocalist had just left, they'd put away the champagne glasses and the lunch feast leftovers. They were bringing out the boom box, cases of beer and preparing the grills for a bbq. Wait, I'm jumping ahead of myself....

Pals Chiara and Luigi were married today.

As all Italians who don't marry in the church do, they had their ceremony at the city hall (technically it was city hall but it was really a villa on the property of city hall...I'm not sure, but weddings might be it's only purpose).

In attendance there was a lot of family,

an american,

(no photo, I was behind my own camera)

and some awesome freakin' shoes.

Then, as you can imagine, there was some food

Some cake

some dancing and karaoke.

They are singing that chicken song, by the know the one that is played at every wedding, the only song that everyone dances to...they sang it in Italian, of course. The dance is the same.

The Macarena is the same, too...unless you don't know how to do it...

Then, as I mentioned at the beginning...they started the whole thing over.

Wow. What a wedding.

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