Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Gardening Atheist

Those of you who have been reading OliveKnitting for a while will know of my annual battle with gardening.

OK, that's sounds a bit dramatic...the gardening battle is actually only a mini-drama, more of an arm wrestle than a battle. Every spring I decide that this is the year that I will learn to love gardening. In about April when beautiful plants begin to be sold on every corner and in every shop, I decide that this is the year! This will be the year when I make that perfect tomato salad with fruit from my own labors. This is the year I will find the calm meditative state that gardeners say happens when they are weeding. This time I'll take interest in what goes into the garden, I will even do research on the internet to find out how to care for my plants. This is the year when I won't mind dirt under my finger nails.

This kind of thinking lasts about a week when, after a huge rain I realize it is the optimum time to weed. I torment and lament and regret for all of five minutes and then I go paint my finger nails instead. Battle over.

This year, having what seemed like an extremely llllloooooonnnnnggggg winter, my gardening bug came a little early. Knowing that March weather was still too unreliable to put anything in the ground, I channeled my gardening energies into "preparing" the garden.

I turned the soil and leveled the land and did, um, a little pruning.

Hmmm...not really the look I was going for but, well, I'll be patient and see what happens. That's another one of those things that you learn from gardening, right? The joy of patience?

Now we are knee deep in Spring, literally and figuratively. And I've already cried uncle on gardening. I've actually gotten over the dirty nails thing, and have found a certain peace in the solitude of weeding, however, I've discovered that ... are you ready?... I don't believe in gardening.

Let's look at what nature does on her own:

Now let's look at what she does with my help:

Let's look at the two again:

Nature alone...

Nature with Lynn's help...

I don't believe in gardening.

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