Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hey, remember those fun San Diegans who come to visit every so ofter? The folks who, when they come, something major goes wrong? Remember them? The people who were staying with us when Italy ran out of pellets for pellet stoves in January? Yeah, those guys. They're coming today! (the husband of the duo is AKA Wayne, from the comments).

Of course the house has been prepped for major construction which means every stick of furniture and bit of crap that we own (and that I've collected) is in the one small back room. I've warned The Fun Couple about this and they've assured me that they are cool with whatever accomodations Maberga has to offer. They said, and I quote, "we'd even sleep with the dogs! Oh, wait, we did that last year."

So I arranged the former-bedroom-soon-to-be-fabulous-studio into the most comfortable guestroom I could, given it's current state of emptiness.

I think it's kind of lovely, a monastic sort of way.

My prediction for break down on their visit this year? The washing machine. Stayed tuned

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