Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Friends, I could totally live on Gilligan's Island. Totally.

Check out what I did today.

Can you see it? I made that fence to protect the new inhabitants of Maberga (some sage, rosemary, thyme, etc). I went up to the terraces of land, cut some cane, and made myself a fence! If we had palm trees on our land, I would have made myself a gazebo next to the new garden.

Want to see it again? Ok, here...

You might be thinking that it's overkill. Or that, PERhaps I'm getting a little carried away with fencing. It's possible. I prefer to think of this fence (as opposed to the Fabbro's fence) as a temperary thing. Kind of like training wheels for the garden. Or maybe I mean training wheels for the dogs. No, that doesn't sound right. I mean that, as much as I am proud of this work, I imagine that it will slowly be taken away. Slowly taken away as 1)the new Maberga inhabitants grow roots, and 2) the dogs get used to having the new inhabitants here.

And you know the best part of this whole thing? When I finished I had the makings for a pan flute!

I don't even need that Professor with his short wave radio.


  1. Looks very good, hopefully the dogs will respect your work. Hope you can get to the plants to pull the weeds.
    On a sad note we are down to one dog as of tomorrow. Madison is incapable of moving on her own so it's time. We will visit the the vet tomorrow morning and then a quick trip to the cabin for the service. I told her to say hello to all our past pets.
    Earle :(

  2. Anonymous3:53 PM

    WOW, Love the fence, love the Pan Flute (Try YOU TUBE "ZAMFIR" )
    but alas I think those doggies will figure out the combination to destroying the new fence pretty quick. Hope the new MABERGA residents take root soon.

    Wayne & Denise TFC