Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Rainy Day Book on a sunny day

Having finished the painting of all the ceiling boards yesterday (only two weeks behind schedule) I decided today was for playing - could have been the influence of The Fun Couple.

The Fun Couple left on Saturday morning after a short but sweet visit. (I will blog about that once I receive their photos because mine suck...I was having such a good time I didn't pay attention to the photos I was taking, or NOT taking...or maybe it was the wine consumption. Either way, blog with photos to come). Denise and Wayne (aka: The Fun Couple) know how to enjoy life and it's contageous. Enjoy each day is really how they live.

So, taking off on this, I decided to have this play day. For me that means that I try all those craft projects that I've found on the internet - now that I can search in high speed.

Bright and early I packed a bag ... please allow me a flashback here.

When I was a kid one of my very favorite books ever was Richard Scarry's Rainy Day Book. It was awesome. Awesome. If you don't know it, check it out for yourself here.

That book was like my best friend (ok, that might sound a little pathetic, but all the same, it's true - I like crafts, I like being alone, the book was awesome). Not a best friend in the sense that I would tell it all my secrets. But it would keep me company - in that way that your best friend did when you were young - always something to do. In adulthood, I've always remembered that book and made my own versions of it whenever I was in for a big life change. Well before a move, job change, end of relationship, I'd start collecting items for my Rainy Day Book. I rarely DID the stuff in the activities I had collected for The Book but would frequently find myself paging through them. The creation of the internet has made this infinetely easier. My Rainy Day Books are, well, awesome now.

Today I PACKED myself a mini Rainy Day Book and, with the dogs, headed out to a cool hang out spot on the terraces of land by the house. I had a craft picnic with my Rainy Day Backpack, made even better since it wasn't raining.

Beautiful. I just sat on my blanket in the sun with the doggies chasing every where and I sewed. I sewed paper, and beads, and cardboard. Great. I ate some yesterday leftovers and shared some with the dogs. Then we came back to the house for some more bead sewing, some crocheting and a little knitting. Of course only I did these things, the dogs don't have such a big interest in crafty activities.

I did all this stuff

Thank you, Richard Scarry.

PS. In case anyone is wondering...the little beaded books come from the idea here. And the crocheted basket comes from here. The sock, which by the way was supposed to be for Wayne (not just the one but a PAIR) is from my head. Once my head has a http address, I'll attach it.

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