Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Maberga Makeover Interrupted

Day 6 of Maberga Makeover in which we get a little interrupted.

As I was going up the stairs to make today's after photos, I got a little side tracked by this

After searching my already up-turned house looking for a jar to trap the guy, then searching for a BIGGER jar 'cause he didn't fit in the first, then taking the fellow outside and tossing him over the fence, add in the time and energy it took me to down a glass of wine to try to forget the fact that the fence keeps wild boar out and the dogs in but will do nothing to stop a scorpion from coming or going as he pleases...no matter how big he is - put all that together and you can understand that I don't really have it in me to do a photo shoot of my half destroyed house. Truth be told, I got up at 4 this morning to take David to the airport, then rearranged and cleaned the downstairs at a pace that would make a 5 year old boy at a birthday party on cocaine seem slow and then taught some friends english until 10 tonight, so I'm just a little knackered. This is actually what explains my run-on sentences and complete inability to write comprehensively, it has nothing to do with the scorpion ....

So let's just quickly look at the after shot of the will-be-new-studio-but-current-bedroom

Yeah, I know, it's a crappy photo that shows nothing of the new room. I'm saving the real after photo of that room for when I've actually moved into it.

Here's some before photos of the soon-to-be-bedroom-again

And now call it a night.


  1. Mike in Boulder4:58 PM

    Nasty bug! Nasty!


  2. Anonymous4:17 AM

    Until now, you made Italy sound interesting and someplace that I actually thought I'd like to visit.... Not so much anymore not if I might wake up with one of those next to me... ishhhhh. I'll take the mosiquitos of Minnesota, not big scary bugs like that.

    Update.... I'm almost halfway there to my first pair of socks... yippeee!