Monday, May 04, 2009

There's a storm a-brewing at number 29 and, ya know what? I don't even care. Wanna know why? Well, let me tell ya...that gardening thing. It ain't over yet.

While The Fun Couple was here, Wayne couldn't keep his hands out of my dirt.

Dude weeded the whole garden. It was incredible. First he fixed that pitch fork with the broken handle, and then, just like that he stuck it in the ground and moved the dirt around. When he saw something green growning that shouldn't have been there he plucked it out. Just like that.

Friends, it was seriously inspiring. In like only 20 minutes of effort my garden was looking so much better. He spent a little more than 20 minutes with the pitch fork, but not that much more since during their 36 hour stay he also managed to build me some stairs in the back of the house (an extension of the clothes dryer stairs), in addition to having a little fun with Denise and me.

So, as I was saying, I got inspired. David comes home for a little visit on Friday and I thought I surprise him. Don't tell him, ok? I did this...

It actually looks nice! Not as nice as Mother Nature does on her own but, well, I'd already messed that up so I had to do something. I planted a bunch of, well, I just copied Mother Nature. I figure she must know what survives in this particular climate. It's a lot of sage, rosemary, thyme, and lavendar. Those aren't bad things. I like those things. I also got a Marigold from pal Natalie. So he's in there with the lavendar vying for parsley's position in the Cornwell Scarborough Fair.

So, as I said, I'm not at all bummed about the storm rolling in. Actually I'm thrilled. As I put each little plant in the ground I promised it that it would be happy here in it's new home. If I delivered them a fresh spring shower tonight, well, those new plants would just think I was the best, wouldn't they?

The topic of the dogs didn't really come up as the plants and I were discussing the living arrangements here.