Sunday, April 04, 2010


On this Easter Sunday I am pleased as all get out to report a few resurrections:

Resurrection 1. Remember this year's olive picking story? Remember how David and I were feeling all pleased with ourselves for having finally figured out the trick to having olive oil in our house, from our own olives without having to do any of that pesky picking? Remember how we discovered that we could get the neighbors to do it and then just receive a portion of the crop? Remember that? If not go here. Anyway, Friends, I'd been a little more than reluctant to report that we never received any oil. In fact we had kind of given up. We'd consoled ourselves with the idea that, at least, we'd been responsible olive tree owners by giving the olives away instead of having them rot on the branches. We were a little bummed, a little embarrassed and a little humbled by our incomprehension of the Italian ways of being.

Obviously we were also a little impatient 'cause check out what arrived today...

That's 5 liters of our very own crude. Actually, "crude" is probably an incorrect term since it was the refining of our product that kept it from us for so long. Our neighbor, the olive picker, said, "sorry it took so long. It had to get clean." I have no clue how he cleaned the oil, I'm just grateful to have it.

Resurrection 2. Technically, this is more of a rebirth than a resurrection. A couple weeks ago I casually mentioned to David whilst frothing some milk for a cappuccino that our 6 year old frother my be on its last foam. A little tip to any readers currently in a living together, sharing space and equipment kind of life very clear in the words you choose when casually chatting. It's easy for misinterpretations to happen (Yes, I am talking about couple who share the same mother tongue). David thought I meant that the frother, that I use approximately 4 times a day should be thrown out. I did, if I'm honest, mean exactly that but the addendum was "not until a new one is purchased" because I USE THIS TOOL 4 TIMES A DAY. Fair enough, I didn't say that last part. I thought it was obvious since I USE THE FROTHER 4 TIMES A DAY, but well, the dude has had a lot on his mind and he probably thought he was being helpful. So anyway, I was chatting with my friend Lina about my lack of a frother and my inability to find a replacement. She told me to check a ferramenta (that's the hardware store...? Of course, it is a tool after all). So the very next day I ran right, I didn't. I did nothing, except begin drinking lattes. Skip ahead to Easter Sunday lunch with pals Augusto and Lina in which my Italian Easter bunny, in addition to serving me several courses of goat, gave me ...

A frother in a very festive shade of powder blue. And some coffee.

Resurrection 3. Neighbor Giuseppe gave me the customary Easter Anise bread...perhaps resurrected from last Easter. I love my neighbors...and you can remind me of that next time somebody cuts my water tubes.

That there is approximately one meter of anicy, bready goodness.

Happy Easter.


  1. Anonymous6:48 PM


    It sounds like a wonderful Easter for you, hopefully the sun is shining, the birds are chirping (Hope they're not getting shot by the neighbors) and the tomatoe plants are in the ground, tee hee.

    TFC, W&D

  2. I love it! Yes, I do understand translation problems. My honey and I, though starting out with different mother tongues and both "thinking" we speak enough of each other's that we can understand each other flawlessly. Not! It's all fun, though, and we have survived this for many years.

    I love your 3 resurrections. Thanks for a darling post.

    Lois in Cincinnati